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Learn More About How WINNING PRESENCE®, L.L.C. Can Help

WINNING PRESENCE®, L.L.C. is a network of senior-level communications professionals who make it their mission to help c-level executives and community leaders deliver and achieve a Winning Presence. We offer strategic counsel and a variety of leadership communications services that deliver exceptional results for your brand and business.

Leadership Communications

Leadership Communications

We help leaders establish and advance their vision, align organizations around business objectives to drive results, and create impactful legacies. Our c-level clients consider us trusted advisors and integral members of their team.

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Employee Communications

Employee Communications

We are proud to help organizations design and execute programs that inform, engage, and motivate employees. Our communications help employees feel a part of the business plan and mission, and know their roles in driving the business.

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Strategic Communications Planning

Strategic Communications Planning

Good communications begin with the end in mind, and so do we. The Winning Presence planning process includes a series of questions that help clients take a more strategic approach to communications. We plan, design, execute, and measure for optimal results.

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Issues and Crisis Management

Issues & Crisis Management

We help brands and businesses manage some of the most challenging, brand-threatening issues. Our unique approach anticipates and addresses issues before they are consuming our clients’ time and resources. And when the unanticipated occurs, our approach works to mitigate brand and business impact and maintain trust.

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Why Choose Us

Our Values

Winning Presence® is built on a strong, sustainable foundation of Ideas, Inspiration and Integrity. We provide the highest quality communications counsel, writing and plans that deliver results time and time again.

  • We will give you IDEAS, our best thinking and creativity in a direct, honest way. We look out for your best interest.
  • We will give you INSPIRATION, by asking tough questions that elevate your approach to communications and deliver business results. Our clients are some of the brightest, most talented business and community leaders in the world. We’re inspired by them.
  • We will give you INTEGRITY in everything we do. This means we are transparent, honest, and accountable – all traits that we believe are necessary to achieve a Winning Presence®. Integrity is our core value, and the way we act matches the way we talk about integrity.

Commitment to Clients

Winning Presence® clients are c-level executives with responsibility for leading global organizations. They are community leaders. They are individuals who want to achieve a Winning Presence®.

Our clients know that, in order to achieve their visions and business plans, they need to have aligned, motivated, and informed employees. They need a strategy and tactics that gracefully penetrate today’s external potpourri of social media, community relations, online presence, 24/7 global news, and powerful word-of-mouth.

Our clients need communications counsel that provides great ideas, inspiration, and integrity. They need partners in communications who are accountable for results. They need a Winning Presence®.

This is our commitment and promise to each and every client.

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  • Julie and I have worked together for years as part of the PRSA Chicago board leadership team. Julie is creative, thoughtful, smart and diligent. Some of the most influential corporate executives have relied on Julie to script and coach them in their public speaking and crisis endeavors, and she has never let them down. I highly recommend Julie for her skill and talent.

    Amy Littleton, Senior Vice President, KemperLesnik

  • Julie is a great strategist and writer. She offers very senior level counsel, then rolls up her sleeves and gets the work done. I also appreciate that she brings the best talent to the table. Perhaps most unique, Winning Presence isn't afraid to tie their programs and counsel to the business results, resulting in a totally accountable environment.

    Jason Greenspan, Senior Director, Strategy Execution, Chief of Staff to COO, McDonald's Corporation

  • Julie is always thinking about my business. She understands how to make the critically important connection between communications and building the business. She’s invaluable!

    David Bender, CEO, Re:Think Recycling Group

  • I can highly recommend Julie. I have always been a "do it yourself" person but I found working with Julie so easy. It is rare to find someone who immediately understands the essence of your message and can skilfully turn that into a memorable speech.

    Norma Rosenhain, Chief Executive Officer, Creata

  • Julie has a great combination of writing talent and business acumen, so she’s a credible advisor to Fortune 50 business leadership.

    Richard Ellis, Senior Vice President - Communications and Public Affairs, McDonald’s Canada and President, Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada

  • Julie Schaefer of Winning Presence is an exceptional and multi-dimensional communications strategist and counselor.  She is extremely collaborative and has an acute ability to synthesize an incredible volume of information and generate an effective, quality work product that engages stakeholders and helps drive business results. At SunCoke Energy, we have been pleased and impressed with her writing style and creative suggestions.

    Anna R. Rozenich, Director – Communications, SunCoke Energy, Inc.

  • Julie is a dream come true for anyone desiring world class, comprehensive brand communications. Her efficiency, style and integrity are unparalleled in a "need it now" environment. As a senior communications expert I value her as an integral part of our brand team.

    Michael Donahue, Partner/Brand Relations Officer, LYFE KITCHEN

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