Jason Harris

Managing Partner

Jason Bennett Harris brings practical, operation, and execution-focus to his C-level communication and management consulting practice. 

Over the last decade, Jason has practiced his communications consulting practice with leading several startup ventures, in roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer.  When he consults to leaders, he imparts knowledge from both vantage points:  the support function and the officer position.

In his 35-year career, Jason exemplifies strong fundamentals in all aspects of corporate communications: Internal, Brand, and Employee.  He brings a unique blend of  leadership coaching, teamwork and organizational development, while facilitating full organizational alignment.  To achieve this, Jason champions mixing ‘nuts and bolts’ execution focus with an appropriate level of creativity, design, and out of the box thinking.

Much of his corporate experience was learned at McDonald’s Corporation.  Over his 13-year career, Jason served as the Communications Director & Chief of Staff in the US Business, working for the CEO, COO, and two Division Presidents.  Prior to this, Jason’s employment rounded out a full range of experience, including Public Relations, Business to Business Communications, and Communications Technology.

An undergraduate from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana with a BA in Economics, Jason received his Master of Science in Communication from Northwestern University.

Jason lives in Los Angeles and has four grown children dispersed across three time zones in the United States.  He loves art, antiques, running, yoga, the infield fly rule, and creating art through his photographic collages.

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