Helping Tomorrow’s Leaders Find Their Voice, Purpose and Story

At Winning Presence Chrysalis®, we help students and young professionals tap into their personal brands, interests, purpose and values. No matter where you are on your growth journey, we can help you design and put forward your authentic story.

There’s a budding CEO, plant manager, art gallery owner, franchisee, and community leader in you.

Do you know how to tell your story?

Do you know how to put forward your best purpose statement to get you the outcome you desire, whether it’s a spot in a grad school program or securing an entry-level job?

Do you know how to match your own purpose with a school, business, or organization?

We’re here to help.

At Winning Presence Chrysalis®, we draw on our 30+ years of experience working with c-suite business leaders to define and communicate their mission, vision, values, and business plans. We match this experience in global business with a passion for mentoring and helping tomorrow’s leaders find their voice, purpose and story.

Every experience is a chapter in your life story.

We know how to link your chapters together and help you articulate who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go. We use the same tried and true approaches that brands and leaders use when aiming to reach their target audiences. Because we know that when you’re purposeful in your communications, you will break through.

Why is YOUR story important?

Whether you are applying to a college or trade school, interviewing for a job, crafting a resumé, or writing a purpose statement for a graduate school program, your purpose and personal brand are crucial. If you match your own values and interests to those of a school or organization, you’re more likely to find your fit! Our approach is fun, simple, and best-of-all, draws out the story of YOU.

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