You’re a candidate for our services if you are:

  • Pursuing undergraduate, graduate or PhD studies
  • Looking for an entry-level job
  • In an entry-level job, and want to further define your personal brand and grow in your career.
  • You’re interested in defining and telling your story!


  • Personal Branding: What is Your Story? 
  • Celebrating You: Finding and Owning Your Top Achievements
  • Helping you build out the template CV, purpose statement, and social media presence 
  • Interview Q&A prep

Packaging Your Story

See our templates and advice:

Preparing for Conversation

Interviewing for an internship, job, graduate school program, college-level athletics, or research opportunity?

Whatever the opportunity, there are some tried and true approaches to interviewing well and telling your story. We can help you prepare, participate effectively, and post-op to reflect on what worked and what could have gone better.

Most important, we will help you understand your desired outcomes and tell your story in a way that helps you achieve your intended outcomes.

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